New Tenants / Moving In

Move In/Out Policies

New Tenants should complete and return a New Tenant Forms Package to the Property Management Office.

  1. Scheduling Your Move/Delivery. The Tenant must schedule all deliveries and moves at least 48 hours prior to the date of delivery/move by submitting a completed Building Access Request Form to Building Management. Moves of large quantities of furniture, equipment or supplies must be scheduled after 6:00 p.m. except on weekends or holidays. After receiving the Form, the Office of the Building will schedule the move/delivery and designate the appropriate elevator to be used. Please understand that your move/delivery is not scheduled until confirmed by the Office of the Building.
  2. Inspection of the Premises and Access. Prior to the date of the move/delivery, the Tenant must arrange for a walk-through inspection of its suite and the access route by the moving company, the Tenant and Building Management. The moving company will be responsible for independently inspecting the premises in order to become familiar with the conditions existing at the Building, including, but not limited to, verifying various access dimensions, so that it may furnish such equipment and labor necessary to provide for the orderly and efficient move of the property. These areas should be inspected for damage before and after the move.
  3. Supervision, Labor, Material and Equipment. The Tenant and the moving company are each responsible for ensuring that:
    • All material handling vehicles must have rubber-tired wheels and be maintained free of grease and dirt.
    • All items are moved using the elevator designated by Property Management.
    • All necessary parking and other permits are obtained and complied with.
    • Each employee of the moving company is bonded and has company identification visible in order to maintain security of the premises.
    • Floor, carpet, wall and glass protective materials are appropriately used (and then removed) wherever necessary to protect the Building from damage, including but not limited to elevator corners protection, masonite floor protection on all carpet, tile, and thresholds, and walk-off plates for all entry door and elevator thresholds.
    • Building corridors, entrances and exits are not blocked.
    • Entrance doors are blocked open with stops that will not damage any wood, metal trim, glass or pulls.
    • The Property, streets and sidewalks are kept clean of debris caused by the process, and all protective materials and waste are removed from the Building on the same day. The Tenant agrees to pay reasonable charges for the clean-up and disposal of any materials left behind.
    • All necessary safety precautions are taken and all applicable provisions of federal, state, and local safety laws, including those with respect to occupational health and safety, the handling and storage of hazardous materials, accident prevention, safety equipment and practices, are all fully complied with, all to prevent accident or injury to persons on, about or adjacent to any Building.
    • Employees and agents of the Tenant and the moving company comply with all of rules of the Building (which are available from Building Management as well as any instructions of Building Management).
    • Employees and agents of the Tenant do not (i) unreasonably disturb the occupants of any Building or any other building or its property; (ii) violate the confidentiality of any occupant’s business; or (iii) without express permission, use computers, copiers, radios, telephones or other equipment or facilities of any person in the Building.

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